Where Is Luigi's?

This page is to let you know a little about Luigi's. Luigi's was a family run restaurant in Fresno, California from 1944 to 1993. It was founded by my grandfather Luigi Cerbo in 1944 and served Italian food for 49 years. Luigi was born in Pietramelara, Italy. The reason I created this website was for a class project in college. The reason I used the restaurant theme was because I spent most of my life in the restaurant business. I keep it up for fun and make it up as I go along. Enough about Luigi's.

Who Is Luigi?

Like my grandfather my name is Louis Cerbo (Louis in Italian is Luigi). After getting out of the restaurant business I moved from Fresno to The San Francisco Bay Area where I did the whole Bachelors/Masters degree thing in Computer Science. Now I'm back in Fresno. I guess this Restaurant stuff will always be in my blood. Enough about me.

How Our Famous Italian Steak Sandwich Came To Be (English & Italian)

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